Leveraging For Success

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17, NIV)

Success simply put is the achievements of goals. Leverage is the extension of the word lever. The lever is the lift in a jack. When a car is to be lifted, the jack is applied to lift the car off the ground. The small lever is used to lift a big car. Leveraging for success is simply using resources available to give one’s life a lift and achieving one’s life goals. Below are some ways to leverage for success:

Other People’s Successes: Every great and successful person has a secret code(s). There’s always a story behind the glory. The Queen of Sheba traveled from Ethiopia to Jerusalem to stay in King Solomon’s presence for six months just to glean insight and learn from him. She never remained the same afterwards. Delilah kept on pestering Samson to know the secret of his strength. A careful observation and study of a successful person will reveal clues that one can leverage on to create one’s own successes and achievements.

Other People’s Failures: Failure is a great teacher, and a great leverage for success. It’s good to learn from one’s mistakes but always better to learn from other people’s mistakes! King David was the greatest king in Israel because he learned leadership failure from King Saul. One thing he surely learned from Saul was not to hold onto the throne at all costs. King David was quick to abdicate the throne when Absalom his son rose against him. King Saul, just by realizing David was becoming more popular than him in Israel sought to kill him. For David to succeed it was simply not to repeat the mistakes of his predecessor and tormentor mentor.

Other People’s Credibility: Onesimus was the runaway slave of Philemon. He stole from Philemon and ran to Rome. He encountered Apostle Paul in Rome and he (Onesimus) gave his life to Christ. Philemon was Paul’s friend, and Paul requested that Philemon take Onesimus back not as a slave but a fellow brother in Christ. Paul also offered to pay the money stolen back and went ahead to call Onesimus his son. The credibility of Paul was the saving grace of Onesimus. Applicants looking for jobs are always asked to provide referees that will validate them. The better your reference the better the chances of you getting the job. Who you ride with either makes you or mars you.  Scripture reference: Philemon 1.

Other People’s Money/Resources: Good debt is a leverage to accomplishing one’s financial goals. In advanced countries housing loans and mortgages are given for people to buy homes that appreciate over time. As the mortgages are paid down, and the houses’ equity is built. A good source of many Americans’ wealth is from home equity.  A report from the US Census Bureau reveals that homeowner’s median wealth were 89 times higher than renters. Because of the equity gained over time in their primary homes, many Americans are quite wealthy today. Good debt is a great lifter of one’s finances. Elisha told the widow of the son of the prophet to go borrow plenty vessels in order to become a successful oil merchant.

Other People’s Anointing/Grace: The Anointing of God is the burden removing, yoke destroying power of God (Isaiah 10:27). The anointing on a man of God can be leveraged for success. Elijah was the vessel God used to lift the widow of Zarephath out of hunger and starvation (1 Kings 17). Elisha was instrumental for the prosperity of the widow of the son of the prophet (2 Kings 4). Paul said he carried special grace to minister to the Gentiles (Ephesians 3:8). In our modern day, there are several vessels that God has endowed with His anointing to lift people and alleviate their burdens. The Bible says believe in God you will be established, believe His prophets and you will prosper (2 Chronicles 20:20).

CONCLUSION: Other ways to leverage for success is using other people’s knowledge, insight, connections, etc. May the Lord send lifters of destinies to you, and may you also become a lifter of destinies in Jesus’ name.

Ade(Gboyega) ESAN


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