Church Departments

Our church is made of several important ministries and live groups which promote fellowship and spiritual growth among the members. Similar to the parts of human body, these ministries and groups are perfectly knitted together in unity and harmony to undertake the vital functions of our church.

Our ministries and live groups have been designed to meet the special and general needs of the members and non-members. The ministries include prayer, evangelism, choir, and technical departments – to mention a few; and the live groups are formed by people with similar age range and social interest.

Teaching Department

The teaching department comprises of the Sunday School, the Believers and Baptismal Class, School of Disciples, and Workers-in-Training class. Their impact on the spiritual growth and vitality of our church is highly critical. Listed below are brief descriptions what each unit does:

o The Sunday School equips believers through in-depth studying and discussion of the word of God. Typically, a curriculum is followed with monthly themes.

o Believers and Baptismal Class teaches new converts and members about key foundational doctrines and principles of the Christian faith. The main purpose of this unit is to ensure that new converts and members are introduced to the Christian faith and are firmly established in it.

o School of Disciples (SOD) is the unit that specifically and extensively teaches the members on sound biblical doctrines. It is the discipleship class that is responsible for discipling the members after the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

o Workers-in-Training (WT) class is meant to instruct and groom church workers and volunteers for the work of the ministry.

Ushering Department

Like soldiers serving in the spirit of humility, they always stand ready to extend assistance to the church members and guests in the most friendly and loving manner. Deeming it as their duty, they coordinate with our ministers to ensure that church services are held in an orderly and solemn manner.

Voices of Oasis

Voice of Oasis is the name of our church’s choir. It is formed by very vibrant, talented and anointed praise and worship team and instrumentalists. The choir ministers at our services to usher the congregation into the presence of God through singing of hymns and spiritual songs. The chief goal of the choir is to offer ministrations (praises, worship, and special songs) that are acceptable unto God and lively for the congregation at every church service. With this understanding, the members of Voices of Oasis diligently and continually commit themselves to seeking more of God’s grace for ministration.

Technical Department

The Technical Department is made up of members whose primary responsibility is to provide technical support to the church during services. They are responsible for live online streaming of our services. This team is comprised of people with servant hearts who serve with excellence and dedication in operating the sound systems in our church.

Media Team

This is the team which manages the church’s media. Also, the Media Team works in conjunction with the Technical Department to record, produce, and sell sermons preached during services.

He Cares Ministry

The He Cares is the ministry that is in charge of providing certain basic and physical needs of the members and community wherein our church is situated. This ministry was instituted to enable the church to practically demonstrate the love of Christ to people in an organized and effective way.

The Sanitation Department

This department is there to ensure that there is cleanliness and tidiness in the house of God. Committed to the idea that cleanliness is next to godliness, the team members in this department voluntarily work in church with the aim of making our church premises a sanitarily good place of worship.

The Evangelism Team

The Evangelism Team forms the ministry by which our church primarily fulfills our commitment to Great Commission (Matthew 28:18 – 20). Often working together with the He Cares ministry, the Evangelism Team periodically organizes outreach programs during which the gospel of Christ is preached and food provided free of charge to people in our communities. Because soul-winning is fundamentally part of our mission, this ministry is of great importance to our church.

The Prayer Ministry

Here in RCCG Living Spring International, Pittsburgh, we consider prayer as an essential, primary duty of the individual believer. We view prayer as a means of grace through which we bring to pass the divine will of God concerning our members and our church. It is with this understand that the Prayer Ministry was established to make supplications, intercession, petitions and thanksgiving to our heavenly Father on behalf of all people, especially our church members and the community. Through this ministry, we have seen many miracles happen in our church and several seeming impossible situations changed for good in our favor. May our God be forever praised.

Follow-up Team

The Follow-up Team is made up of some of our members whose main responsibility includes welcoming new members to church and following-up on them after service. Furthermore, on behalf of the church, they get in touch with members who, for some reasons, are unable to frequently come to church. Complementing the work of the Evangelism Team, this department ensures that none of the members, including newly won souls, is lost or fallen out of our church family.

House Fellowship

House Fellowship is literally church at home. Supervised and coordinated by our church, House Fellowship meetings are typically held once in a month in some of the homes of the church members. This monthly home fellowship offers a means of having the members of church and their neighbors gather together to worship, pray and study the Bible.

First Timers & Welcome Team

As an accommodating church, we are always happy to receive first timers and visitors into our church. To this end, the first timers and welcome team is responsible for welcoming the first timers right from the lobby with a gift bag and lead them to an usher who puts the first timers into a seat in the worship auditorium. At the end of service, a member of the welcome team engages the first timer in a short conversation and ensures that the first timer card is filled out appropriately. Additionally, the team works in synergy with the follow-up department to put a thank-you-for-visiting call across to the first timer within 24 hours.

First Impression & Traffic Control

Whether you are a returning or new member of our church, first impression and traffic control members are the first volunteers of the church you will encounter right from our parking lot. The team helps coordinate the vehicular movement and ensure free flow of traffic during arrival and departure of congregants on our meeting days, particularly on Sundays.


While we are not in doubt of divine safety, we have experienced volunteers as members of our security team who ensure that there is no security breach in and around our church vicinity during our services. In particular, they monitor through our CCTV and keep watch over our congregants’ vehicles parked in our lot.