Bro. Eyitope: “Just recently, I took a professional exam. The beginning of the exam was pretty easy for me. However, when I got to its ending, practical section, I was faced with tough questions, which left me feeling stuck and distress. At that point, I sensed discouragement and doubt creeping in. As the doubt loomed, an inner voice within me urged me to speak prophetically to the situation. When I begun to do so, I suddenly started to feel at ease and gain control over the situation. Someway, somehow, I was inspired enough to solve that daunting problem in a timely fashion. After that exam, I just thanked God and left everything I had done into His hands. Fortunately, when the results were released, I found out that I had passed. I want to give the glory and praise to the Almighty God for seeing me through the “thick and thin” of that exam, and giving me good success. Hallelujah!”


Bro. Seun: “I was laid off from work at the end of this past October. Following that unfortunate incident, things became quite hard for me, not knowing what to do next. In my moment of despair, I realized the need to talk with few others, including Deacon Niran Haastrup. During my conversation with Deacon Haastrup, he prayed with me and inspired me to believe God for a seventh day miracle. Exactly five days after that prayer, I was called back to work. Getting my job back was something I have considered as the doing of the LORD; and for that reason, I want to thank Him for His goodness and faithfulness toward me. Praise the LORD!”


Bro. CJ: “About ten years ago, I transferred to a college in the U.S. from my initial college back in my home country (Nigeria). Towards the end of my Bachelor’s degree, I began applying to medical schools. However, my academic adviser at the time suggested that I was not sufficiently qualified to go to medical school because my academic record was split between the U.S. and Nigeria. However, I ignored her suggestions and eventually got accepted to medical school. Whilst in medical school, I rose to become the most outstanding student in my class, and my school waived the cost of tuition (~ $250, 000) for my entire four years. At the end of medical school, I decided to apply for a residency in a competitive specialized field. Again, I was advised to apply for less competitive programs since there was no precedent for students like me getting accepted. However, to the glory of God, I was accepted into one of the best hospitals in the country. Our God is great!”


Bro. Lawal: “Recently, I was exercising on the treadmill under the supervision of my cardiologist when my heart rate spiked to a dangerously-high level. As a result of this spike, the doctor decided to abruptly end the session in order to forestall any damage to my heart. However, I tried to reassure him that there was nothing wrong and that the spike was just a result of the stress from the exercise. He (the doctor) was not convinced and referred me to another specialist who would evaluate my heart. I just want to thank God that the results from my most recent tests revealed that there is nothing wrong with my heart. Our God is faithful!”


Sis. Koyinsola: “I wanted to have the experience of a Study-Abroad program, but I did not know how to access funding for the trip. I considered applying for scholarships that would fund my travel, but my past failures with scholarship applications made me lose hope that I would be selected this time. However, I saw a recent advert calling for submissions for the trip. The advert also stated that the winner would be selected by a raffle draw. Therefore I reluctantly submitted my application very close to the deadline. To the glory of God, I was selected from the raffle, and my trip for the Study-Abroad program will be funded! Our God is great!”


Sis. Feyi: “I want to testify about the LORD’s favor in my life. Not long ago, I applied for a job position, which I later on found out that about 300 other people had applied and would be screened. Eventually, only one person would be hired. The stakes were very high, because the chance of being selected for the position was slim. After going through a series of interviews, the lot fell on me and I got the job. I strongly believe [my] getting the job was purely by divine favor. Indeed, the lines have fallen for me in pleasant places. I give all glory to God. Hallelujah”


Bro. Ogunde: “In the last quarter of 2015, I received a letter from the company I work with, stating that my service was no longer needed. When I tried to find out why I was laid off, I was told that decision would only be reviewed after one year. Not despairing, I made several moves to talk with the management of that company. Unfortunately, nothing promising resulted from that attempt. What my family and I resorted to doing next was to seek God’s face, and that He would send us a destiny helper. Answering our prayer for help, God moved on my behalf and my case was picked up by one of my superiors, who worked expeditiously to reinstate me. Today, to the glory of God, I have my job back. Therefore, I want to thank Him for His favor and faithfulness toward me. Hallelujah!”

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