Mindset Of Dominion

For You have made him a little lower than the angels, and You have crowned him with glory and honor. You have made him to have dominion over the works of Your hands. You have put all things under his feet.” – (Psalm 8:5-6)

Dominion simply means overseeing something and having rulership over it. God delegated authority to man after creating him to take charge of the earth and rule over His creation (Genesis 1:26-28). Adam, the first man, disobeyed God and lost the authority and rulership. Jesus, the God incarnate, had to become man in order to restore dominion back to man. Dominion has been restored by Jesus but in order to exercise authority and operate as gods on this earth, we have to take on the mindset of dominion. Below are some of the mindsets:

The Mindset of Possibility: The Apostle Paul said in Philippians 4, verse 13 that “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” He possessed the can-do attitude, and also acknowledged that Christ working vibrantly in him is his ability. This mindset helps the possessor of it to be willing to take on challenges and not to buckle in the face of overwhelming odds and seemingly impossible situations. Joshua and Caleb were the only two leaders out of the twelve spies who believed they could possess the land of Canaan.

The Mindset of Sonship: Born again Christians are those who have consciously accepted Jesus into their hearts as Lord and Savior (John 1:12). The acceptance of Jesus makes them sons and daughters of God (Galatians 3:26). Sons are different from hired servants. Sons have a sense of ownership; servants do not. Sons have a sense of their right to inheritance, whereas slaves do not. Sons are not afraid of being disowned or fired from the family; hired servants can be fired anytime. Sons carry the family name and DNA; servants do not. The DNA of God’s family is the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit every child of God has in common and He is the Principal Agent of dominion. To walk in dominion the mindset of sonship must be ingrained in us.

The Mindset of Submission: One of the most profound scriptures in the Bible is found in Philippians Chapter 2, verses 5 to 8. It talks about the mindset of Jesus. Though He was God, He still submitted to the authority of God the Father in Heaven. He obeyed God the Father by agreeing to become a man in order to redeem mankind. And once again, He (Jesus) submitted to the will of God the Father and died a criminal’s death on the cross. Because of His total submission, God exalted Him and made Him the head of all principalities and powers. Submission to the right authority confers power and authority. A submissive wife to a godly husband is powerful. A submissive Christian to God will be highly anointed. It is the meek that will inherit the earth. Submission is not weakness; rather it is wisdom.  

The Mindset of Enthusiasm: King David is an example of an Old Testament saint who truly dominated. He never lost any battle, and he overcame and outlived his enemies. God testified of him that he (David) is a man after His heart. He knew how to touch God and move Him through praises. David wrote most of the Psalms. David knew how to encourage himself despite his many challenges.  David knew how to draw strength from God by praising and worshipping him regularly. David knew how to turn bad situations around and make lemonade out of lemons. He was an exceptional person because he sought to see his challenges from divine perspective, and this made him to always cheapen serious challenges and oppositions.

Mindset of Compassion: Many Christians do not realize love is a weapon. Anyone walking in love cannot be overcome or conquered. Love is a force as strong as death (Songs 8:6). Because of Jesus’ compassion He healed and delivered many from sicknesses and demonic spirits (Matthew 14:14). He wrought miracles every time He was moved by compassion. Evil is conquered by good. Light dispels darkness. Love overcomes hatred. Forgiveness trumps revenge.  By feeding an unrepentant enemy the Bible says you are heaping coals of fire on his head (Romans 12:20). We should imitate our God who has a bowel of compassion on His creation.

CONCLUSION: It is God’s will we dominate fear, demonic forces, failure and stagnation, sicknesses, poverty, the Adamic nature, negative emotions, etc. We are more than conquerors through the love of God shed in our hearts. Have a blessed month!

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